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November in Florence: Fewer Tourists, Cheaper Prices, and a Gentle Sun

Updated: May 28, 2022

Sure, the weather may be risky in November, but it's also a great time to visit the Tuscany. Most of the tourists have gone home, the weather is usually pleasant (even if it does rain occasionally), and hotel prices are at their lowest. Plus, the fall foliage is gorgeous!

I posted a few pics of the city in September so here's a look at how things have changed in two months. You can also see what it's like in this post from early spring, or else come over and see it with me in person! Here's how you can set that up. 🌞

The first colors to change are up in the Chianti hills since they're at a higher altitude (up to ~600 m or 2,000 ft.). I took a drive down to Castellina at the end of October and saw this amazing patchwork (if you're viewing this on your home computer you can click on each photo to see it in full format):

Meanwhile, Florence sees the first yellows in early November:

November in Florence: fall colors along the Arno river

Then a few weeks later come the oranges, reds and golds:

We still have visitors in the city but not as many, and you get a lot of Italians.

Admiring the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence

Sunny fall days are crisp and cool. Here below I saw this gorgeous arcade shining in the sun and wanted to know more about it.

It was commissioned by Cosimo I in the 16th c. to distance the fish market from his beloved Ponte Vecchio. It was placed in the old Mercato Vecchio, that was demolished in the 19th c. to make room for the Piazza della Repubblica when Florence became Italy's first capital (before Rome got on board). It lay in pieces in storage until the 1950s when it was resurrected here in the Piazza dei Ciompi.

Late fall also sees a closer alignment of the full moon with the City Hall tower:

Colors pale as the sun begins to set around 5 p.m. and holiday lights come out:

And the setting sun shines a golden glow over the façade of the Duomo:

Twilight illuminates the arcades of the Uffizi Gallery:

The same pastel skies hang over the city on my walks...

Beautiful colors on a November day in the woods

By late November the reds dominate and eventually drop to the ground, with the occasional surprise bloom or new fruit. Below: the "ivy wall," a fresh "wild strawberry" (corbezzolo in Italian), a lovely pink rose, and European spindle.

Back in the city, the crowds intensify on weekends and at the approach of the holidays. These images below were from last Sunday: the annual north-European themed Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) is back in Santa Croce this year after skipping 2020; crowds line the arcade along the Arno; and people shop for holiday gold on the Ponte Vecchio.

The city is worried about the rise in Covid cases given the colder temps and holiday crowds, so they're now requiring masks in crowded outdoor areas, and there's talk of making certain pedestrian areas one-way. But even with new restrictions, I'm just happy I can still get outside and see my city alive again. ❤️

It's pouring rain here this morning so I may not get out for a walk (though I did walk yesterday draped in a plastic poncho 😄). I wish you all a good late Fall (or early summer if you're Down Under) and will see you again soon! If you'd like to buy me a strudel and a warm mug of glühwein at the German market you can toss some coins into the Tip Jar here.

Ciao e alla prossima! See you next time! 🌞🍁

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