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Autumn in Tuscany: Crisp days, Stormy nights

Updated: May 28, 2022


I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! I've been traveling a lot and actually had one TOUR (Greek Islands Hike) -- the only one in the whole 2020-2021 season -- so it was hard to keep up with other projects. I can see why I never had time to do a blog before, and appreciate how the pandemic gave me that rarest of commodities: free time.

I come to you now with a few pictures of the changing seasons here in Florence. When our sweltering summers finally give way to fall there are usually some fireworks involved, and this year was no exception. We've just had some spectacular storms and I watched it all from my little front balcony, seeing the tip of the Duomo get enveloped in cloud and then emerge again, shining like a beacon under sunny skies. Join me for a trip around Florence and enjoy some dramatic skies from my balcony. We'll pour a glass of wine and watch together. 🙂

I woke early a few weeks ago and just managed to see this amazing moon dipping down directly behind the Duomo (using the super-zoom on my camera). One day I'll have to plot out the moon's path over the course of the year!

We've also had some powerful storms:

I watched this immense black cloud sweep in from the west and then pelt us with rain.

I love how the raindrops have endlessly repeated upside-down suns

Once the rains passed we had a tremendous play of clouds illuminated by the setting sun.

I have an ever-changing palette of colors outside my window ❤️

And of course, I've returned to my walks in the woods above my house (to see my post on spring hiking see here). The grapes have already come and gone while the olives are ripening and will be harvested in the coming month. The leaves are starting to turn and I look forward to the calm that autumn brings.

View over Settignano and Florence in the valley below

On my bike rides I pass this gorgeous vineyard, now owned by the huge wine producer Ruffino. There's also a lovely villa there where you can stay if you're looking for a special getaway.

Nature's bounty: red grapes, white grapes, prickly pear, artichokes, quince, pomegranate, figs, olives (the only ones still there), walnuts

The ivy is always the first to turn colors...

Also seen:

Somebody lose an eye-patch? Arrrrhhh....

And don't forget to fight the patriarchy! 😉

Meanwhile, in the city, the Arno is beautiful in the shifting colors:

I'll never get tired of this city ❤️

As much as I love traveling, it's good to be home, and I'm glad I found time to keep up with my blog. I know a lot of people follow my adventures through social media but I know there are those who never touch the stuff (with good reason), so hello to all of you! If you're so inclined you can drop a few coins into the tip jar (click here), otherwise just send me good vibes or a quick hello via email. See you again for another adventure somewhere!

Ciao e a presto 🙂


Your photos are stunning, Claire. The ones of Florence make me so homesick for the city that I could weep. Bellissimi! Un abbraccio.

Claire Duiker
Claire Duiker
Oct 07, 2021
Replying to

So glad you like the photos, Miranda! And I hope you can come back for a visit soon. I just borrowed a friend's good camera with big zoom lens, so hopefully my photos will get even better! <3

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