About Me

I was raised in Central Pennsylvania (USA) but soon realized that my destiny lay elsewhere. As a child of a history professor and a French teacher I was exposed to other cultures at a young age, sparking a lifelong curiosity that has never dimmed. My passion for travel has taken me to over 80 countries, from Albania to Zanzibar, and I love discovering the history, culture, food, and natural beauty wherever I go.

I have advanced degrees in French and Philosophy as well as a PhD in Comparative Literature, but 25 years into my guiding career I am now most passionate about history. From the Romans to the Byzantine Empire, from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, and from prehistoric France to Classical Greece, I try to make history come alive on all of my tours. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think! You can contact me at clduiker@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @claire_in_the_world 

See you out there!